Taco Bell Officially Introduces the Quesarito: A Burrito Wrapped in a Quesadilla


 (Instagram/Taco Bell)

Just when you thought they had run out of ways to rearrange tortillas, meat and cheese, Taco Bell has gone and blown our minds once again. (Although this time, they're not merely stuffing things or dipping them in dust.)

June 9th marks the nationwide debut of Taco Bell's latest menu item, the Quesarito. Previously only available in test markets, the Quesarito is essentially a burrito wrapped up inside a quesadilla — or a quesadilla wrapped around a burrito, if you prefer.

"We’re constantly hearing stories about two great things coming together to create something extraordinary and that takes on a life of its own," explained Taco Bell's chief marketing officer Chris Brandt in a statement on their website. "We have just that with the Quesarito, our latest mash-up of a full grilled cheese quesadilla wrapped around a classic burrito, making something so good that you can expect to see more flavor combinations down the road."

Brandt goes on to claim that the Quesarito is the best-selling item they've introduced to a test market since the Doritos Locos Taco in March of 2012, no doubt overtaking their and bite-sized (below), both added to the menu in 2013.


And by no means is Taco Bell the only fast food company to vie for its consumers' fast-food dollars with strange new products. Earlier this year, Domino's Pizza tried to sell customers on its Specialty Chicken, which was basically a box of nuggets drizzled with pizza sauce and toppings. Soon after, KFC brought back its infamous Double Down meatwich which substituted fried chicken breasts for bread. And soon, McDonald's restaurants in Brazil are getting ready to launch seven World Cup Sandwiches, each reflecting the "international flavor" of seven different countries participating in games, including a McItalia sandwich boasting a flattened meatball covered in tomato sauce and pepperoni slices.

Taco Bell, though, seems to have even higher hopes for its Quesarito. On June 11th, they're rolling out a whole new Quesarito ad campaign for TV, which is said to illustrating "just how much love one woman has for the union of a quesadilla and a burrito" and featuring the music of Capital Cities.

Taco Bell's Quesaritos will be available in seasoned beef, shredded chicken or steak varieties, all three of which include rice, reduced-fat sour cream, "chipotle sauce," and, perhaps if you ask the cashier nicely, a side of Flamin' Hot Frito dust.