Slow-Cooker Tri Tip Tacos


 (Courtesy of Gaby Dalkin.)

You could easily munch on usual chicken tacos for a tasty meal, but why when you could enjoy a generous serving of steak with your tortillas instead?

There are many cuts of beef to choose from for a flavorful, filling entrée, but food blogger and cookbook author Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking prefers inexpensive tri tip for a simple dinner.

“Did you know that tri tip is amazing in a crock pot?” says Dalkin. “I love slow-cooked tri tip on the grill, but it’s just as good in a slow cooker! I just seasoned the heck out of it before I threw it in and voila…8 hours later, tacos for days.”

Juicy, rich, and lower in fat, tri tip is an inexpensive cut of beef. 

Featuring a medley of zesty spices, including cayenne pepper, green chiles, and paprika, among others, it’s difficult not to make tri tip tacos your near favorite meal to make starting…now.

Have loads of shredded meat to spare after your feast? Perfect: they also make satisfying leftovers.

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