The Best Mashed Potatoes Ever


 (Courtesy of Gaby Dalkin.)

There are mashed potatoes and then there are the best mashed potatoes. Ever.

How does one create such a culinary masterpiece? Load up on one thick, creamy Italian cheese.

Food blogger and cookbook author Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking was looking to make “the world’s best mashed potatoes.” After weeks of testing numerous recipes, she finally settled on her favorite: one so rich and creamy you may never go return to your fallback recipe again.

“It’s super smooth, creamy, buttery, and not the least bit dry,” says Dalkin. “Some people are pretty insistent on using Russett potatoes for mashed potatoes, but I’ve found that Yukon golds are creamier and don’t dry out when boiled, so they make a delicious choice for mashed potatoes.”

However, the biggest highlight from Dalkin’s recipe? Mascarpone cheese, the same sweet stuff behind one beloved dessert.

“It added an extra creaminess to the mashed potatoes,” adds Dalkin. “Then you get to make tiramisu with the leftover cheese!”

The mouthwatering surprise don’t end there. Along with shredded parmesan cheese and yes, more cream, these mashed potatoes are made to be savored until the bowl is completely clean.

What are you waiting for? 

For the recipe, click here