Easy No-Bake Cheesecake Truffles



Seriously, what diet?

Valentine’s Day is a distant memory though you still may be stuffing your face on discounted chocolates from your local drugstore (we’re not judging). But it's time to toss those stale heart-shaped chocolates for another no-muss, no-fuss treat: No-bake cheesecake truffles that are so super easy that even the most cooking-challenged among us says she could master this recipe.

“These cheesecake truffles are little bit magic,” says  A Beautiful Mess blogger Emma Chapman,  the genius behind this tantalizing recipe. “There’s no baking involved. Actually, there’s really no ‘cooking’ to speak of. This isn’t really even a recipe, more assembly instructions. And the lesson I draw from this is that sometimes magic equals convenience.”

Chapman relies on simple ingredients you can find at any market and creates “balls of frozen cheesecake” that include crumbly crust, cherries, and cream cheesey goodness in every bite. You can also change things up and get creative on this one.

“You could choose to add whatever you like, (including) strawberry pie filling, jam, Nutella, or keep it plain,” Chapman says. “Top with a drizzle of white chocolate or sprinkles.”

For the full recipe, click here.