How to Make Nutella at Home (Yes, It's Possible)



Who doesn’t love Nutella?

The silky smooth chocolatey hazelnut spread sweetens up any dish, including plain white toast, transforming breakfast into a heavenly feast. 

But what if you're watching your white sugar and dairy intake?

“I have to say that the sight of my Nutella jar this past year has actually made me a bit sad,” says blogger Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. “Since I’ve cut back on refined sugar and dairy (and it’s impossible to have just a little bit of it), Nutella is a big off-limits item for me.”

So Chapman found a way to still enjoy Nutella with a dreamy alternative that she insists is just as good as the original, with almond milk and stevia replacing the dairy and white sugar in that stuff you find on grocery store shelves.

“You can also experiment with other types of non-dairy milk, like coconut!” says Chapman.

Consider giving this tempting homemade Nutella a try…now.

For the full recipe, click here