Thirsty? Try the Massive Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float



Some treats just taste better when there’s alcohol involved.

Every season has that one dish we look forward to. During the holidays, it was all about the fluffy rum cake. And during this seemingly never-ending winter, we're unwinding with comforting . Even during the hazy summer months, a seems to do the trick for beating the heat.

But now, we're dreaming of another drunken dessert for adults. This ridiculously rich and boozy orange white chocolate float is the perfect indulgence, like a spiked milkshake or ice cream float for grownups.

“It reminds us of a grown-up Orange Julius (a citrus shake),” writes Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, who created the thick and oh-so-smooth concoction. “It’s creamy, frosty and less sweet than you would expect, until the ice cream kicks in! You might want a straw AND a spoon for this one."

This sinfully indulgent float is not for the timid. The massive drink features a generous serving of vanilla ice cream, fruity cream liqueur, an orange spirit for added zest, as well as a sprinkling (or more) of white chocolate shavings.

Larson calls her citrus-fueled float “an unbelievable combination” of velvety ice cream and fresh oranges, resulting in a thick custard you’ll be savoring right before kicking off swimsuit season.

For the full recipe, click here