Triple Chocolate Crock-Pot Custard



One of the easiest chocolate desserts ever? Easy when you throw a slow cooker into the mix.

Emma Chapman, the blogger and recipe developer behind A Beautiful Mess, is obsessed with chocolate. But no simple slice of devil's food cake will satisfy her cravings.

Chapman prefers creamy custards, rich puddings, and velvety smooth pots de crèmes. But her favorite is one that allows you to simply throw in all your ingredients into a crock-pot and let the magic happen overnight.

“This chocolate custard is quite thick and decadent,” explains Chapman on her triple chocolate crock-pot creation. “I prefer this chilled overnight, and the whipped cream on top is a must! This recipe doesn’t contain any additional sugar, other than what might already be in the chocolate, so you can feel free to add a big dollop of whipped cream–or even ice cream–before serving.”

Let’s get to the good stuff. This crock-pot custard is perfected with a trio of mouthwatering chocolate bars, including buttery white, milk for a silky consistency, as well as dark to balance out the overall sweetness. And no custard would be complete without whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream), along with refreshing mint. The result is a unique take on an old favorite.

“I found that, for me, using the crockpot to make custard produced a slightly more coarse texture,” says Chapman. “It just wasn’t quite as silky smooth as other custards/puddings you can make on the stove top, although this took up way less attention. I cooked other things while this just set in the crock-pot.  And this custard was so delicious that I didn’t end up minding the texture.”

No matter the case, you’ll still be savoring every single spoonful until the final drop.

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