How To Make Pop-Tarts At Home



Sometimes, not even a giant mug of freshly brewed black coffee can give us that much-needed jolt to kick off a morning. Unfortunately for our waistlines, a sinfully delicious sugar rush can do the trick instead.

You could easily heat up prepackaged Pop-Tarts from your local grocery store, but seriously, why when you can easily make your own? Bonus: You can customize flavors to your own tastes and get as creative as you like.

Emma Chapman, the blogger behind A Beautiful Mess, opted to use basic ingredients from her fridge to create a medley of delicious flavors.

“I made six different flavors, including blueberry preserves, strawberry jam, peanut butter and grape jelly, lemon curd, honey nut cream cheese, and Nutella,” says Chapman. “Each Pop Tart needs a heaping spoonful of whatever flavor you choose.”

Chapman stuffs packaged puff pastry with her flavor of choice, and then tops each with a glaze that only requires three simple ingredients.

Creativity has never sounded so delicious.

For the full recipe, click here