NYC Cake Diva Sylvia Weinstock Demonstrates How To Make Edible Flowers

Celebrity Cake designer, Sylvia Weinstock, shows us how she creates her beautiful cake decorations.


No one knows how to decorate a cake quite like Sylvia Weinstock.

The celebrity cake diva is known for her beautiful (and edible) floral cake decorations.

Each flower can take days to create -- but Weinstock makes it look like, well, a piece of cake. Weinstock's cake artisans craft each flower from a secret sugar-dough recipe, but baking supply stores sell a version of 

We stopped by Weinstock's studio on Tribeca New York where she showed us how to make one.

Each flower is made from a secret sugar-paste recipe, but you can find commercial-grade sugar paste at any baking supply shop or online (Tip: It's also known as sugar gum).

Watch the video above and learn how to make your very own cake flowers.