Delaware Brewery Infuses Beer With Moon Dust


Either we're running out of things to make beer from or we've reached the point where we'll drink almost anything, because a popular brewery just made a new beer infused with moon dust.

The Dogfish Head Brewery of Delaware recently introduced the Celest-jewel-ale, their German-style Oktoberfest brew which is steeped (like a tea) with crushed lunar meteorites obtained with the help of ILC Dover, a company that created space-suits for NASA. On the brewery's website, Dogfish Head describes the taste as having "a subtle but complex earthiness" imparted by the "certified moon jewels."

Right now, the Celest-jewel-ale is available exclusively at Dogfish Head's in-house restaurant and bar, and served in glasses protected by special beer koozies made from space-suit materials. And there's only 10 of those koozies, so Dogfish Head requires that customers hand over their identification before enjoying the in the bar area.

Would you like to try the Celest-jewel-ale?