The Top 10 Pizza Cities in America


People who love pizza often have a favorite style, be it Neapolitan, Sicilian, deep-dish, thin crust, brick oven, or stuffed with hot dogs or mini cheeseburgers. They usually have a favorite place to get it, too.

Unfortunately, this leads to heated arguments between rival pizza cities. For instance, Chicagoans like to think they serve the best slices in the country, while New Yorkers consider their hometown the Mecca of all things pizza.

But really, the only way to determine the best place for a pie is to study the reviews of each city's restaurants. Lucky for us, that's exactly what travel website TripAdvisor just did. Based on the opinions of the travelers who use the site, TripAdvisor was able to compile the top 10 cities for pizza in the United States, and their results might shock you.

Get ready to feel outraged or validated, because here's their top five. For the full list, head over to

#1. San Diego, California

#2. Las Vegas, Nevada

#3. Boston, Massachusetts

#4. New York City, New York

#5. Seattle, Washington

Where's your favorite city to pick up a pizza?