Taco Bell Debuts New Smothered Burrito


 (Taco Bell)

While it's true that Taco Bell is discontinuing their kids' meals come January 2014 (along with the toys that come with them), it's also true that Taco Bell never closes a door without opening a cheesy, spicy window.

The fast-food giant introduced the Smothered Burrito today, which they describe as being "filled with shredded chicken, premium Latin rice, hearty beans and creamy chipotle sauce." To top it all off, the Smothered Burrito is, appropriately, smothered in a multitude of toppings, including red sauce, "loads of melted cheese" and reduced-fat sour cream. It's also available with seasoned beef or marinated steak instead of shredded chicken.

Nutritionally, the Smothered Burrito contains 650 calories (250 from fat) and 28 grams of fat (including 10 grams of saturated fat). Taco Bell's website notes that the fat content can be reduced by at least 25 percent by ordering the item "fresco style," which substitutes pico de gallo for the cheese, dairy-based sauces and sour cream.

The Smothered Burrito joins other new items such as the Cantina Quesadillas (introduced in June), and the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos (in April).

So do you think you're up for a Smothered Burrito? Grab a knife and fork and tell us what you think.