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7 grill tools you will never need

It's easy to get excited about grilling season, just don't get so excited you do something stupid like buy ridiculous grilling gear. Trust us, if you want to keep your credibility behind the grill, stick with the basic utensils. Here is a list of the top 10 tools you will never need. 

  • 1. Meat Shredder

    Meat Shredder


    This one is a no-brainer. If you can't grab and shred your own meat, don't own or operate a grill, unless you're really into grilling vegetables. But let's be real, generally grill fanatics are the same people who are ready and willing to sink their face into barbecued chicken and some pork ribs, no shredders necessary. 

  • 2. Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller

    Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller


    Here's what the ad says for this tool: "Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller ensures that your hot dogs come out perfectly and evenly cooked. Just load up to 5 hot dogs onto the rollers and place on the grill. Stainless steel rollers keep the dogs elevated off the dirty grill grate, and keep charring flames away from the hot dog surface." What it doesn't mention is that you will be rolling this ridiculous contraption across your grill while the whole party watches, waiting for you to finish because you've monopolized the entire grill. 

  • 3. Potato Grilling Rack

    Potato Grilling Rack


    No offense Cuisinart, but we're going to poke fun at you again. This time for designing a special rack specifically to keep a potato, which is larger than your fist, from falling through the slats in the grill. This is not something you will need, unless you bought some very, very small potatoes. 

  • 4. Long Handle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

    Long Handle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Unless you want to look like Edward Salt-and-Pepper Hands, this grill gear will not likely be of use to you. What person can't just use normal salt and pepper shakers to sprinkle seasonings on their steak? C'mon. 

  • 5. The Ham Dogger

    The Ham Dogger


    The Ham Dogger's hysterical infomercial claims that with this tool, "you'll be the hit of the barbecue, because there ain't nothin' like a ham dog." In reality, you'll just be grilling up weird oblong burgers that no one in their right mind would choose to eat over a normal burger. 

  • 6. Cordless Grill Fan

    Cordless Grill Fan


    Here's the ad for this one: "Does it get a little too hot and smokey near your grill? This grill fan will keep the smoke out of your eyes and keep you cool at the same time." Let's hope this tool comes with a giant side of dignity, because anyone who has a tiny, misting fan attached to their grill clearly needs some. 

  • 7. Grill Sergeant Barbecue Apron

    Grill Sergeant Barbecue Apron

    The Grill Sergeant

    We have to admit, this idea is a little clever, but just as an idea. You don't want to be the guy that shows up to the barbecue wearing a tactical camouflage apron, whether it holds a 6-pack of beer or not.