Topless Cosby protester recalls thinking he was 'very nice guy': 'I definitely would have trusted him as well'

When on Monday morning a topless Nicolle Rochelle charged at Bill Cosby outside the courtroom where his sex assault retrial is being held, she was hoping to catch the media's attention.

"[Being topless] gets the message out there, and it gets a lot of attention," the 38-year-old, who appeared on four episodes of "The Cosby Show," told Fox News.

Rochelle played Rudy's best friend on the final two seasons of the beloved sitcom between 1990-1992, when she was a preteen. She recalled her time working with the now-disgraced Cosby as a "wonderful experience."

"I remember [Cosby] would make jokes and be friendly, and a couple of times he gave me advice about my career," the New Jersey native told us.

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Nicolle Rochelle played Rudy Cosby's best friend on the final two seasons of "The Cosby Show."  (Bruce Johnson)

She added, "I found him to be a very nice guy and it was a wonderful experience for me." 

But when the accusations against the comedian began to surface, Rochelle said she "didn't doubt it for one second" due to "the sheer mathematics of it all."

"It really disappointed me and made me feel sad and I felt angry," Rochelle said. "I definitely would have trusted him as well. It could have been me. It could have been anyone."

The actress said several of the women who accused Cosby of drugging and raping them reached out to her after seeing her controversial protest earlier this week.

"I was in touch with a few of them right after the trial [began on Monday]. A few contacted me and told me they were so surprised to see a woman protesting in that way and also a black woman."

EDS NOTE: NUDITY - A protester is detained as Bill Cosby arrives for his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse, Monday, April 9, 2018, in Norristown, Pa. (AP Photo/Corey Perrine)

Nicolle Rochelle is part of the international women's group called Femen. She said her protest was a way to "symbolically taking back the ownership of all the victims’ bodies and redefining it as a political tool as opposed to a sexual object."  (AP)

Rochelle, who is part of the international activist group Femen, told us that while she's hoping for a guilty verdict, she doesn't "trust that will happen."

"It's a very complicated and convoluted case," she said. "If there wasn't a statute of limitations, there would be 62 cases and that would be amazing."

Cosby has denied all accusations of non-consensual sex. He currently faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The 80-year-old is charged with drugging and molesting Andrea Constand, a former employee of Temple University's basketball program, at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Cosby's first trial last spring ended with the jury hopelessly deadlocked. His retrial is expected to last a month.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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