Corey Feldman claims he was stabbed with a syringe, not a blade

Corey Feldman is defending his claim that he was stabbed in the stomach on Tuesday by an unknown assailant after police told Fox News they found "no lacerations to his abdomen."

Feldman tweeted early Wednesday morning that while he was stopped at a red light in his car, a man allegedly attempted to murder him by opening the actor's car door and stabbing him.

Feldman followed up his claim after police suggested the incident was less serious than the former child star was making it out to be by explaining they were not looking into the case as an attempted homicide.

"The situation was scary and upon further examination, the conclusion was it’s most likely a syringe," a rep for Feldman told the New York Post. "Doctors did tests to see if it was a poison or virus."

His rep assured the alleged incident is "absolutely not a hoax."

Fox News' multiple requests for comment from Feldman's rep and lawyer were not returned.

Feldman blamed a "wolfpack" of threatening him for speaking out against Hollywood pedophiles.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Feldman is seen showing his wound to an LAPD officer.

"The world's smallest stab wound," the 46-year-old told the officer as he took pictures of him.

The actor has publicly stated he was molested by powerful people in the entertainment industry when he was an '80s child star. He has said his close friend ‒ the late Corey Haim ‒ was raped when he was a child by the same industry predators.

Feldman claimed on "Dr. Oz" in November that Jon Grissom was one of his abusers. He also told Megyn Kelly that convicted sex offender Marty Weiss harmed him. However, the LAPD dropped an investigation into his claims later that month.

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