Donald Trump Jr. tweets his support for 'Roseanne' while skewering late night hosts

Following the massively high ratings from Tuesday’s revival of “Roseanne” on ABC, Donald Trump Jr. decided to take to twitter and show his support for the show while skewering the current landscape of late night television.

As previously reported, “Roseanne” returned after more than twenty years off the air with a host of new and returning characters. Never a series to shy away from depicting an honest view of middle-class America, the premiere dug deep into politics and showcased the divide between some of the family members over the 2016 election. The series revealed that the title character supports president Donald Trump.

Trump Jr., who's had his fair share of dust ups with celebrities when it comes to left-leaning Hollywood content, was so moved by the show and its vast viewership that he took to social media to show his support and take a dig at late night TV.

“Wow amazing. Congrats @therealroseanne. If you’re not too busy already maybe work in a late night show too... seems there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint. #Rosanne [sic]”

In the past, Trump Jr. has complained that late night TV skewes too far left and never has a kind thing to say about Donald Trump or his administration. Previously, he got into a brief Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel over his coverage of the Trumps and the lack of coverage of Harvey Weinstein.

Barr herself recently appeared on Kimmel’s show to trade political jabs with the host, ultimately telling him to ‘zip that f---ing lip.” So, it's easy to see where Trump Jr. may have thought he had an ally in Barr.