Reese Witherspoon cleans up her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon made a pit stop on Hollywood Blvd. and posted a series of videos and photos on Instagram documenting her visit to her very own star on the Walk of Fame. 

“I’m running a little bit late for work today but it’s really important,” the actress said in a video she shared on her Instagram story. “I heard my friend is really close by, so I want to go meet her really quick and I want you guys to meet her too.”

The actress was filmed walking up to her star and said to her followers, “This is so exciting guys, here she is!”

Kneeling over her Walk of Fame emblem, the 41-year-old actress took out a tissue and began shinning the sidewalk star. 

“Oh, now you’re looking good, girl. And don’t you let people walk all over you!” she joked. 


The "Big Little Lies" actress is currently featured on the March cover of Marie Claire magazine. The mother of two opened up in the magazine about her insecurities and coping with the "little creature" she calls fear. 

“I see [fear] as this little creature that lives in my life all the time, and I can either pay it attention and not get anything done or I can march ahead and ignore it,” Witherspoon said. “Sometimes I just have to jump two feet into a cold pool and go, ‘OK, I believe in myself enough, I know I work hard. I know I can always bet on myself."

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Over the past few months, the "Wrinkle In Time" actress has been making headlines after revealing to the world that she was sexually assaulted by a director while on the set of a film when she was 16 years old.

“I have my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly and I find it really hard to sleep, hard to think, hard to communicate a lot of the feelings that I’ve been having about anxiety, honest, the guilt for not speaking up earlier," Witherspoon told women at the annual Elle Women in Hollywood back in October. “[I feel] true disgust at the director who assaulted me when I was 16 years old and anger at the agents and the producers who made me feel that silence was a condition of my employment."

Currently, Witherspoon is in the process of returning to television in her highly anticipated show with longtime friend Jennifer Aniston. 

“It’s a show about women in media — the morning news in particular,” she explained to Marie Claire. 

Reese Witherspoon Marie Claire cover

 (Marie Claire)

According to People, the upcoming show, which is produced by both actresses, is slated to be one first shows produced by Apple and will be Aniston's first return to the small screen since her hit '90s comedy "Friends," where Witherspoon guest-starred as Aniston's little sister. 

Witherspoon is also slated to star in Season 2 of HBO's "Big Little Lies."

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