Jim Carrey paints image of bloody schoolgirl on American flag in response to Florida school shooting

Jim Carrey, who has recently put his work in Hollywood on hold to focus on painting, shared an original piece on Twitter Sunday in response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14. And the painting is drawing mixed reactions. 

The painting depicts a seemingly dead schoolgirl sprawled out on the America flag soaked in blood. Her bloodied school supplies, as well as footprints are sprawled all around her.

The “Ace Ventura” star captioned the image “Oh say, can’t you see?!”

The image is one of several politically-inspired pieces the 56-year-old has shared on social media.

The graphic photo has sparked mixed reviews among viewers. One user called the image "insane and a disgrace" while another added, "Yes, I agree. The painting is a little too far. But that won't keep me from liking Jim."

Another critic called the painting "dumb, dumb and dumber," mocking Carrey's famous role. 

Others called the painting "powerful" and "heartbreaking."

Carrey told W Magazine in 2017 creating political art isn’t a new concept for him.

“Yeah, I do a lot of political cartoons,” he explained. “I’ve been doing them all along. When I was in grade six, my teacher confiscated a bunch of the cartoons I made in the back of class of her being mutilated by bombs and axes, dogs chewing her leg, whatever. And then she sent them back to me when I got famous (laughs). She’s been saving them; she said she knew something was going on there.”

Carrey added it’s also been cathartic to paint President Trump.

“Yeah, I think no one can really escape that aspect of life at this moment – the feeling of loss of control,” he said. “I’ve given up control in a lot of ways, and kind of the idea of self in general, but I still tweet and draw political cartoons and play the part of Arjuna who has to fight the battle in Bhagavad Gita.

"It’s not a battle I want to fight, but you’ve got to play the part. Every day at some point there’s pretty much a peaceful acceptance of what’s going on in my life right now, but I also tune in to the Republican – what could I call on it? – war on logic, intelligence and compassion at least once a day.”