Jennifer Lawrence fires back at BAFTA critics calling her 'rude'

Jennifer Lawrence's "inside joke" Sunday night just fell flat with viewers.

The "Red Sparrow" actress hit back at critics on Tuesday and insisted she wasn’t being “rude” in her response to being called the “hottest actress on the planet” at the 2018 British Academy Film Awards.  

During an interview with Britain’s “Magic Breakfast” on Tuesday, Lawrence said her response to actress and BAFTA host Joanna Lumley’s introduction was an “inside joke.” Lumley introduced the 27-year-old Sunday night as the “hottest actress on the planet,” to which Lawrence replied, “That was a bit much, but thank you Joanna.”

Viewers immediately accused Lawrence, who was introducing the award for Outstanding British Film, of being rude to Lumley.

"Everybody thought that I was being rude," Lawrence told Ronan Keating on the show. "But to be fair, I couldn't have just walked out after she was like, 'biggest movie star in the world!!' I'd just walked out and gone 'thank you Joanna.' It would have been like, 'so you agree? You think you're really pretty!'"


Lawrence explained that she and Lumley were joking backstage before the introduction.

"She went on and said all these really nice things about me and then when I got up to the podium, I was like, 'that was a bit much,' after I just spent all backstage telling her how to be really nice to me,” the actress said.

“I wasn't being rude, it was an inside joke.”

Lawrence also addressed the incident on U.K. show “Lorraine” and said she managed to “offend England” while she was at the awards show for 15 minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

"I emailed [Joanna] and said to her if you want to come over to my hotel and punch me in the face before we go to lunch that's fine,” Lawrence said. "But she said I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't go on the internet."

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