Dean Miller recalls his father's surprising Elvis Presley encounter

Country singer Roger Miller was riding down Sunset Boulevard on his motorcycle when suddenly, a limo pulled up next to him.

"The driver rolls down his window and says, 'Sir, I have Elvis Presley in the car and he'd like to meet you," Miller's son Dean Miller told the "Children of Song" podcast.

Roger Miller, best known for his hits like "Dang Me" and "King of the Road," died in 1992. He was 56.

"[My dad] gets in the back of the limo with Elvis Presley and they kind of hang out and talk," his son recalled.

After the singers spent some time together, Miller began to exit the limo when Presley stopped him with a surprise request.

"Elvis Presley asks my father for his autograph," the younger Miller said.

Roger Miller was also good friends with Johnny Cash. Dean told the "Children of Song" podcast that Cash and his father one time decided to skip out on a hotel bill.

"It was a different era," he explained. "They decide, let's cut out of this hotel and not pay just for fun."


Dean Miller tells the "Children of Song" podcast that his father, Roger Miller, and Johnny Cash (pictured) once skipped out on paying a hotel bill.  (AP)

Their plan? Have Cash fake a heart attack as they were about to settle their bill.

"They go down to the lobby and Johnny fakes that he's having a heart attack. My dad goes, 'I'm going to the hospital with you Johnny!' And they never come back."

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