Tonya Harding tries to walk off set during tense interview with Piers Morgan

Former pro ice skater Tonya Harding and Piers Morgan engaged in a heated exchange during an interview on "Good Morning Britain" to promote the new movie about Harding's life, "I, Tonya."

The fallen Olympian was not pleased with the outspoken host's line of questioning when he said Harding was not the victim of the infamous pipe attack against rival skater Nancy Kerrigan - Kerrigan was.

Morgan said, "She (Kerrigan) had her Olympic dream shattered quite literally..."

Harding interjected, "I believe that we all...Thank you so much. I appreciate being on your show but I think I'm going to have to say good night."

FILE PHOTO 8JAN93 - Tonya Harding skates her long program at the U.S. Figure Skating championships in 1993 in Huntington, West Virginia. Harding, the disgraced former U.S. Olympic figure skater, has been arrested for allegedly smashing her live-in boyfriend's face with a metal hubcap in a drunken rage, police said February 23. Banned for life from Olympic skating for hindering a probe of a 1994 knee-clubbing attack on skating rival Nancy Kerrigan, Harding, 29, was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence by Camas, Washington, and then released. Police said the victim, Darren Silver, 28, suffered facial injuries and claimed Harding repeatedly punched him and kneed him in the groin.


Kerrigan won a silver medal in the 1994 Olympics while Harding placed eighth.

Morgan replied, "You're going to end the interview because I think that Nancy Kerrigan was the victim here, not you?"

Harding danced around the question responding, "You weren't letting me finish. I think that many people are the victims of abuse every single day and can't stand up for themselves."

"I, Tonya," is a biopic chronicling Harding's troubled life and quest for Olympic greatness. Harding is played by Margot Robbie and her abusive, over-bearing mother is portrayed by Allison Janney, who won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. 

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Harding is played by Margot Robbie in the new film about her life.

Harding's then husband, Jeff Gillooly, hired Shane Stant to hit Kerrigan's knee with a metal pipe in 1994 during the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit two months prior to the Olympics. Harding, now 47, denied having any knowledge of the planned attack against her competitor. The attack left Kerrigan with a bruised knee, but she was still able to compete in the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Kerrigan won a silver medal while Harding placed eighth in the competition.