Chris Cornell's brother pens emotional letter about singer's death

The brother of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell penned an emotional letter on the pain of losing the singer and learning to accept his death. 

Peter Cornell posted the message on his Facebook page on Monday and praised fans for spreading awareness about suicide prevention before talking about grieving his brother. 

"I cannot deny the pain of this loss. In some ways I cling to it," Cornell said.

"Refusing to let go because I want to keep my little brother close, even if all that’s left are memories. At least we are rich with memories. I replay them all [too] often, starting with our childhood and reliving the glory that was Seattle in the '90s," he added. 

Cornell continued to thank supporters for showing him compassion after his brother's death. Chris Cornell hanged himself in a Detroit hotel room on May 18. An autopsy report revealed he had anti-anxiety medication in his system when he died, but it did not contribute to his death. 

"I revived this FB page to return the compassion you have shown to me from the very moments after this tragedy … THANK YOU and THANK YOU AGAIN!!! If it’s possible for this path to walk a little softer, it’s only because I haven’t had to walk it alone," the older Cornell said. 


He ended his message with stinging words to social media users spreading conspiracy theories. 

"It’s unfortunate the social media platform that allows us to share each other’s heartbreak and healing also becomes a forum for conspiracy theories and absurd conjecture that defy decency and continually attempt to blur the facts. The entities that fuel these avenues of chaos are self-serving at best. When is enough enough? Hasn’t the time come for my brother to be allowed to rest in peace? Haven’t the children endured more than a child ever, ever, ever should?" Cornell said. 

He signed off the note with a mention of his brother and Lincoln Park singer Chester Bennington, who hanged himself on July 20. The singers were close friends and toured together in 2007 and 2008. 

Chris Cornell was a leading voice of the grunge movement in the 1990s. Aside from Soundgarden, he scored hits with Temple of the Dog and Audioslave.