Chrissy Teigen reveals how she and John Legend find alone time together

Chrissy Teigen is supporting her husband, John Legend, by going on tour with him, and they brought their 16-month-old baby to boot. Between working, traveling and parenting being their new normal, one wonders how they find time for each other.

The star opened up about this very issue while speaking to Us Weekly. Between all of the stars’ current obligations, it’s a wonder that their marriage has time to thrive under these conditions. However, Teigen revealed that it’s not as hard as people think given how well their lifestyles compliment each other as well as having a very helpful resource to enjoy at home.

“Honestly, it’s pretty simple. My mom lives with us. If we ever want to go on a date, which is rare because Netflix is killing it with the shows, then we do it,” she said, hinting that the duo may enjoy their staycations more than vacations. “But we also just love cooking dinner. That time is easy and natural. We really don’t have to schedule it in or fight for it.”

Teigen has been very vocal about her family life in an effort to take some of the stigma off things like fertility issues, postpartum depression and more. Previously, she commented on the choice of motherhood and how she came to terms with it and how those that choose not to parent aren’t villains. Additionally, she posted a no-makeup selfie to Twitter showing off her acne struggles as well.