'The Bachelorette' recap: Rachel sends a slew of men packing after Kenny and Lee's racially-tinged battle ends

"The Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay had a lot of decisions to make on Tuesday night's episode.

And it turned into one big elimination process!

The show began with the racially-tinged feud between African-American competitor Kenny and white rival Lee ending with a whimper instead of the bang viewers expected.

After talking to Rachel, Kenny approached Lee and laughed sarcastically about the Southern singer/songwriter telling her he had been aggressive.

"You garbage piece of s--t," Kenny said, amongst other profane insults.

"Jesus loves you," Lee replied.

Rachel decided she didn't trust Lee so she sent him home instead of wrestler Kenny.

Before leaving the wilderness area with Rachel in a helicopter, Kenny decided to go back and confront Lee one last time, telling him, "I didn't threaten you, didn't get violent" while the other guy just smiled.

Rachel was annoyed Kenny wanted to waste time talking to Lee.

Back at the hotel, Josiah and the other guys were jubilant when they found out Lee, who had rubbed them all the wrong way, had been sent packing.

Rachel was worried that Kenny was too emotional but he explained himself to her satisfaction and she gave him a rose.

He talked to his little daughter on the phone and she said, "Oh, daddy, don't cry," as he missed her and his tears flowed.

At the rose ceremony, Josiah was confident, but he was sent home, along with a slew of others.

Then the remaining men and Rachel headed to romantic Denmark.

During Eric's one-on-one date with Rachel, they hit it off while touring Copenhagen and enjoying the games at Tivoli Gardens.

Over dinner, Eric said he was a good kid growing up but didn't get enough love from his mother and always felt alone. Although he'd never experienced love, he told Rachel, "I'm falling for you."

In a later group date, Rachel's guys learned how to fight like Vikings in traditional Scandinavian costumes.

Kenny and Adam both got their eyes bloodied in a sword fight -- with the pro wrestler named the winner.

But it seemed Rachel appeared to be building stronger connections with Bryan and Peter.

Kenny told Rachel he was missing his daughter and the bachelorette and wrestler mutually agreed that he should go home.

When sobbing Kenny phoned his daughter, she was proud that he'd made it far into the competition but was happy he was returning to her.

Next, Rachel traveled from Denmark to Sweden with Will on their private date.

They had a good time but Rachel said, "I want more from Will," and was disappointed that all he did was hold her hand.

Rachel tried to learn more about him over dinner and was surprised to learn Will, who is African-American, typically dated white women.

Will told Rachel he was a very passionate person, but Rachel said she didn't find that with him.

"I didn't understand why you didn't kiss me," she sighed, and gave him the boot.

Rachel was required to eliminate another man in Scandinavia, and had a meltdown about it before the rose ceremony, bursting into tears and walking out for a minute.

She sent Russian-born hunk, Alex, home, leaving Bryan, Matt, Dean, Peter, Adam and Eric as the final six to vie for her love.