Little person, big health issue: Terra Jole dances with a hernia

Terra Jole has touched "Dancing with the Stars" fans this season as the show's first little person.

The reality celebrity has been more than holding her own in the competition and it's even more remarkable because she's performing with a health problem.

Jole gave birth to her second child with husband Joe Gnoffo, son Grayson, on August 1.

And she told reporters after Monday's show that learning to dance so quickly after having a baby has affected her physically.

"I have had a couple of hernias because of it, because I wasn't supposed to be rehearsing so soon and so I'm now having to wear a bandage around my stomach regularly which is not normal for me," Jole said.

But the determined "Little Women LA" star, who dances with Sasha Farber, said, "We'll take care of that after the show because I'm in it to win it. I'm here to stay. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay here and as long as I'm not in pain, then we can move forward."

Jole, who received a strong score of 34 out of 40 for her Monday foxtrot, admitted to FOX411, "The doctor is concerned. [But] he told me that as long as my daily routines are normal, then I should be okay-- and as long as I'm not in pain. And I'm not in pain."

Will she have surgery? "Let's not talk about that," she sighed backstage. "We don't know yet. As soon as the show is finished then we'll [decide]."

Jole explained, "They have to surgically sew your stomach. Basically my stomach lining wasn't strong enough so my intestines are pushing forward." She laughed, "So that sounds delightful."

She and her little person husband Joe, who also raise daughter Penelope, 1 1/2, together, might expand their family. Jole said she wants more kids "but I think I might adopt the next ones…I was born into an average size family but they adopted a little brother a year later so I grew up with a little family and an average sized family, which was the best of both worlds for me and I feel like having those kinds of environments, an adopted life is just as good as a blood life."

Speaking to reporters after the show, Jole said she's still breast feeding: "I pump in my trailer throughout show days, three times. [I have] my little freezer. I'm trying to go a full year but it's hard.  We're just in the two month phase. We're figuring it out. But those moments where I get to see my kids—it's like hitting the recharge button, getting new AA batteries in, that feeling of, okay, you can do this."

On Monday's show, viewers saw Jole say that her daughter is a little person and with Grayson, Jole told FOX411, she and her husband are awaiting results of a blood test to determine if he will be average or little sized.

"We don't know yet….hopefully we'll know soon….we should be finding out within the next few weeks."

To Jole, all that matters is, "He's happy; he's healthy; he's doing all of the normal things that babies do. He's smiling right now and it's so awesome."