'The Circus' and 'Weiner' producers talk politics



“The Circus” returns and provides an inside glimpse into the first presidential debate, gaining unprecedented access to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, ‘Circus’ executive producer Mark McKinnon told reporters the title might be “a little over the top.” 

“We didn’t want the title to be demeaning,” he said. “We had no idea the election would turn out the way it did.”

“There isn’t a week or a day or even an hour that goes by in this election where something fascinating isn’t happening,” McKinnon said. 

Mark Halperin chimed in and noted Trump’s outspokenness. 

“Donald trump’s mouth is more of a 24/7 phenomenon,” he said. “In the last 24 hours he’s said seven things that make for pretty interesting stories.”

Also speaking to reporters were Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg— the producers behind the “Weiner” documentary.   Steinberg said despite their differences, Trump and Weiner are alike in one way. 

“Anthony and Trump are very different, but they both understood that in order to get attention in this media age, you have to put on a show.”

And Steinberg said Weiner allowed the most intimate access of his life because “he wanted to be seen as more than just a punchline.” 

Halperin said Trump and Weiner share these four words, “Sometimes wrong, never boring.”

“The Circus: Inside The Greatest Political Show On Earth” returns September 11th on Showtime.

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