Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez lashes out at Trump: ‘I would spit in his face’

Mexican ranchera music icon Vicente Fernandez is giving Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a piece of his mind.

Speaking to a sold-out crowd in Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium over the weekend, the 76-year-old singer called out the billionaire businessman for his remarks about Mexican immigrants.

“There’s a U.S. presidential candidate that’s saying a lot of ugly things about Mexicans,” Fernandez said in Spanish. “The day I come across him, I’m going to spit in his face! I’m going to tell him to go f*ck himself. I’m going to tell him everything no one has ever told him in his damn life.”

Fernandez is just the latest Mexican celebrity to come out against Trump, who has made immigration from Mexico and the construction of a wall along the border an integral part of his campaign.

Actors Salma Hayek and Eugenio Derbez as well as legendary bands like Mana and Los Tigeres del Norte have already voiced their disdain for Trump’s remarks.

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Most recently, Hayek criticized the Republican front-runner for confusing “7-Eleven” with “9/11” during a recent campaign stop.

“I am a dyslexic Mexican and English is my second language, however even I do not confuse 7/11 with 9/11. #DonaldTrump” the actress tweeted.

Hayek’s comment came after Trump mistakenly referred to the convenience store chain 7-Eleven when speaking of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack on the World Trade Center.

"It's very close to my heart because I was down there and I watched our police and our firemen down on 7/11, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down, and I saw the greatest people I've ever seen in action," Trump said. "I saw the bravest people I've ever seen, including the construction workers, including every person down there."

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