Kate del Castillo breaks her silence: 'I look forward to sharing my story'

Kate del Castillo on October 13, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

Kate del Castillo on October 13, 2014 in Miami, Florida.  (2014 Getty Images)

Kate del Castillo broke her silence Wednesday night, a few days after it was revealed that she has a personal friendship with notorious Mexican drug dealer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The Mexican actress, known for her television role of a female drug lord in Telemundo’s “The Queen of the South,” took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support.

“Not surprisingly many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren’t truthful,” she wrote. “I look forward to sharing my story with you.”

She tweeted a similar statement in Spanish.

Del Castillo, 43, has been credited by actor Sean Penn with orchestrating a meeting between him and Guzman that led to a reportedly seven-hour encounter between the two men back in October. It led to a bombshell essay by Penn for Rolling Stone magazine.

A leading newspaper in Mexico published on Wednesday a transcript of text messages allegedly exchanged between “El Chapo” and the Mexican diva, transcripts that according to the paper, Milenio, were provided by someone at the Attorney General's office.

"I'll have everything super so you don’t have any inconvenience, I would feel very bad. Have faith that you will be comfortable. I will care for you better than I care for my own eyes," Guzman reportedly texted del Castillo on Sept. 25, to what she replied: "It moves me so much that you tell me that you take care of me, no one has ever cared for me, thanks!"

The actress’ friendship with Guzman reportedly started after she tweeted in 2012 that he should start “trafficking with love.” She also stated that she would trust “El Chapo” over the seemingly corrupt Mexican government.

“Mr. Chapo, wouldn't it be cool that you started trafficking with love?” she wrote in the tweet. “With cures for diseases, with food for the homeless children, with alcohol for the retirement homes that don't let the elderly spend the rest of the days doing whatever the f*** they want.”

She continued: “Imagine trafficking with corrupt politicians instead of women and children who end up as slaves. Why don't you burn all those whorehouses where women are worth less than a pack of cigarettes? Without supply, there's no demand. Come on, Don! You would be the hero of heroes. Let's traffic with love. You know how to. Life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. Don't you agree?”

Guzman purportedly sent her flowers to thank her for her support. These opened the floodgates for an unlikely friend between the two.

Since then the actress reportedly has been working to make a film about the drug dealer’s life – meeting with his attorneys and others to get the ball rolling before he was re-captured last week.

Una noche llena de #HONOR A night full of #HONOR #SeanPenn #MariachiLosReyes #livewithHONOR #TequilaHonor

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The nature of these meetings – and the one with Penn – are currently under investigation by the Mexico Attorney General’s office to determine if any laws were broken.

Penn, who told the Associated Press earlier this week that he has “nothin’ to hide,” with sit down with “CBS This Morning” Charlie Rose for his first television interview since the actor’s secret meeting with Guzman.

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