Barbs fly between Chris Brown and Brazilian model accusing him of battery

Chris Brown (left) and Liziane Gutierrez/ (Photos: Brown, Getty; Gutierrez, via Instagram)

Chris Brown (left) and Liziane Gutierrez/ (Photos: Brown, Getty; Gutierrez, via Instagram)

Chris Brown is not taking the allegations of battery sitting down. The rapper got into a war of words with Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez, who has accused Brown of allegedly punching her after she attempted to take a photo of him with a cell phone at a Palms Casino Resort hotel suite on Jan. 2.

In a scathing, profanity-laced video on Instagram, Brown slammed Gutierrez’s allegations.

“Obviously, someone is looking to get a check or start some s--t,” he said in the video. “I don’t know this old-looking b---h. This b---h is old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video. Like, she came to Vegas, she probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in.”

Brown's video has since been deleted but has been posted on TMZ and other sites.

In a subsequent Instagram message, Brown also threatening taking legal action against Gutierrez – it could come as early as Monday.

"I'm done taking the care of grown ass men. And I'm going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name. Happy NEW YEAR! Time for some of us to grow the f--k up!,” the singer wrote.

According to Gutierrez, she was at a party in Brown’s suite early Saturday morning and was able to get her cell into the suite without security noticing. She told TMZ that when she snapped a pic of the rapper, he went off, “yelling, taking her phone and punching her once in her right eye.”

She told the website – who published her name on her request – that she left the party and called the cops a few hours later.

Nicole Perna, publicist for Brown, called the charges "unequivocally untrue,” adding that Gutierrez was escorted out of the private party for “being disruptive and out of control.”

"Once she was in the hallway, while waiting for Chris Brown's security to bring out her phone, she had a total meltdown – throwing her purse to the ground and claiming that she 'could buy everyone in the hotel' – as witnessed by numerous people waiting to get into the party,” Perna said. “The Palms Casino Resort security also saw her wild behavior via hotel security cameras and immediately came up to the hallway to escort her out of the hotel."

Perna added: "[Gutierrez's] claim that she had her phone in her possession inside the after party and was able to take a photo causing an altercation with Chris Brown is a complete fabrication.”

Brown’s manager, who goes by the name Mike G., posted a statement Sunday on Instagram in a response to the allegations.

“Shame on the networks that gave this story life and this liar her 15 minutes,” he wrote. “I don’t know what's more despicable, the news outlets making this a lead story or the false accusation who wants her name printed as [a] victim on TMZ for false fame.”

He added that his client gets publicity for this, but not for his charitable efforts.

“It's really time we start looking at judging ourselves before we pass judgement on this man,” Mike G. wrote. “That being said, God will guide our ship throughout every storm we face. That’s a guarantee.”

For her part, Gutierrez made her own video in response to Brown’s – which she shared with TMZ – saying that she was invited to his private party by his friends. She also brought up Brown’s point about her history with singer Jason Derulo.

“The thing is, this thing between me and [Derulo] was one thing [that] happened,” she said in the clip. “If you want talk about the past, who do you think has the worst past here?”

According to TMZ, Gutierrez has a history of hurling allegations against celebrities who have angered her. She took aim at Derulo last August when he left a Hollywood club in a party bus with her friend but left Gutierrez on the street.

She claimed Derulo was not a “good guy.”

However, when TMZ brought up her past, she said she only wanted to discuss her allegations against Brown and asked them not to run the Derulo clip.

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