Justin Bieber video star Xenia Deli addresses dating rumors, Selena Gomez

Model Xenia Deli addresses rumors about dating Justin Bieber


Xenia Deli may not be a household name yet but the former Victoria’s Secret model is on her way. She stars in Justin Bieber’s latest video, “What Do You Mean?” We talked to the 25-year-old about rumors she’s dating the Biebs, and if Selena Gomez is jealous.

FOX411: Congrats on your video. How did you first meet Justin?

Xenia Deli: The first time I met Justin actually was on the set on our first day of the shooting, and I was in the makeup chair and he came to me and this is how we met.

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FOX411: Many people are curious as to why Justin was crying at the MTV VMA’s. Do you know why?

Deli: Maybe because he got in his life what he wants right now and he was working so hard for being on the stage just emotions, just emotions.

FOX411: Since filming the music video, you have been seen with Justin out and about, and have even taken pictures together on Instagram. Are you dating Justin?

Deli: No, we are not dating. We are just friends.

FOX411: Is there a prospect of being more?

Deli: No.

FOX411: Now that you’re in the spotlight, what’s next for you?

Deli: Of course, modeling. Now I’m in acting classes because I want to get into movies because this is my passion. This is what I love.

FOX411: Bieber says you’re beautiful. Do you think Selena Gomez is jealous?

Deli: Of course not. We are all different, and shouldn’t jealous.

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