Model Adriana Lima in hot water for showing support for Turkish terror group in a selfie

Adriana Lima during Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 2, 2014 in London, England.

Adriana Lima during Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 2, 2014 in London, England.  (2014 Getty Images)

Adriana Lima has learned a valuable lesson: Be careful of what some people ask you to do in front of the camera.

The Brazilian supermodel was reportedly caught on video seemingly endorsing the Turkish ultra nationalist organization Grey Wolves, which once plotted the murder of the late Pope John Paul II.

In a grainy phone video recorded at a Miami-area gym, the 34-year-old Victoria’s Secret model was recorded saying the word "Bozkurtlar," the Turkish name of the group, and giving the symbolic Grey Wolves hand gesture followed by a howl.

The video has sparked outrage in Turkey, especially among Kurds who have been targeted by the group in the past. A Kurdish rights campaign told the Daily Mail that Lima was offensive to anyone who’s been attacked by the Grey Wolves and that the hand signals are meant to show their dominance over the Kurds.

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The model has not apologized, but her publicist told the Daily News that Lima was duped into the terror salute by a boxer who asked to take a selfie video with her.

Publicist Jesse Stowell added in a statement that the model did not know what the gesture meant and is upset that her good intentions were taken advantage of.

“She was told the hand signal and call out were the names of his local gym,” he said. “She was unaware of the wider context of what she was doing or its association to a political group.”

The Grey Wolves were formed in the 1960s and have been tabled an ultra-conservative neo-fascist organization. They are allegedly responsible for killing hundreds of people in the Eurasian country in the last four decades and one of them, Mehmet Ali Agca, famously shot the late Pope John Paul II at close range in 1981.

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