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Jimmy Fallon returns to 'Tonight Show' after 10 days in ICU for finger injury

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Jimmy Fallon was behind "The Tonight Show" desk for the first time on Monday after seriously injuring his hand this past month. Stepping out to perform his monologue, the 40-year-old host sported a sizable bandage over his fingers, touting that he would be giving "high fours" for a while.

Fallon was in good spirits as he addressed the crowd and opened up about the hand trauma he suffered when he fell on June 26. The injury occurred when caught his ring on a desk countertop and nearly tore off his finger.

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Despite his chipper mood, Fallon explained that he almost had to have the finger amputated due to the severity of the injury. He said it required a six-hour surgery and that he stay in the ICU for 10 days.

"Apparently, the odds aren't great and usually they just cut your finger off," Fallon told "The Tonight Show" audience, adding, "I won't get feeling back for eight weeks."

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Fallon also thanked the doctors that worked tirelessly to save his finger.