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Sydney Leathers: Justin Moed's sexts 'a million times more shocking' than Anthony Weiner's

Porn star Sydney Leathers tells all about sex scandals with politicians


Sydney Leathers, infamous for bringing down Congressman Anthony Weiner, has snagged another politician in a sexting scandal. This time it’s Indiana Democratic lawmaker Justin Moed. Leathers spoke to FOX411 via Skype about the shocking sexts and why she attracts men in politics.

FOX411: You met Moed online when you were fishing for someone to financially dominate, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ style.  Do you feel like you entrapped him?

Sydney Leathers: I don’t feel like I entrapped him in any way.  I wasn’t tweeting, “Hey, politicians! I’m looking for someone to financially dominate.”  I didn’t even know who he was until well into it.  Until a few weeks into it.

FOX411: What was your reaction when you learned your sexting partner was a politician?

Leathers:  To go through that once is weird enough but the second time around was kind of unbelievable.

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FOX411: Were Moed’s sexts more shocking than Anthony Weiner’s?

Leathers:  A million times more shocking.  They made Weiner look very tame, vanilla and boring.

FOX411:  You say you began texting with Moed on February 4th and then stopped communication a month later.  Why did you stop corresponding with him?

Leathers: The NY Post has ran something not using his name that I had been talking to a politician so I just stopped talking to him and he didn’t say anything at the point so it was kind of obvious it was him.  He knew he had been caught I guess.

FOX411:  Were you surprised Moed issued a public apology once it leaked to the press?

Leathers:  In some ways it’s smart because it doesn’t let the media circus go on and on and on but in other ways, I guess he could have just denied it.  Other than some receipts as proof what did I really have but I guess he didn’t want to fight it.

FOX411:  The Indiana Democratic leadership says Moed broke no rules, and Moed is saying he won’t resign.  Do you think he should?

Leathers:  Well, here’s my thing.  He really didn’t do anything illegal.  Was he doing something stupid by sexting me of all people?  Of course.

FOX411:  Do you think you attract men in politics?

Leathers:  I have absolutely no idea.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually interested in politics, and that tends to surprise people. 

FOX411:  You call yourself a part-time porn star – are you still doing it?

Leathers:   Umm yeah.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  It’s easy way to make money to pay for school.  One scene can pay for over a semester of my college including my books and everything, so it’s just not something I feel any shame about.

FOX411:  You’re in school studying TV production and broadcasting.  Do you think you can get a normal job after all this?

Leathers: I do think I could.  If anything I can use it to my advantage. I have made a lot of connections with a lot of different media outlets obviously and I think people are surprised by the fact I’m very normal and I’m smarter than people expect me to be. And it doesn’t play into the whole “She’s an attention-whore” thing considering I really want to get into production and be behind the scenes.

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