Oscar-nominated “Boyhood” star Patricia Arquette says she’d happily wear overalls to the Academy Awards if she could.

Arquette, the favorite to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar on Sunday, admits that she doesn’t know anything about fashion and says she is relieved that a longtime childhood friend has created a dress for her.

Speaking to reporters at Artists for Peace and Justice’s pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino party on Thursday, the actress, 46, said, “I have no fashion sense, I would love to wear overalls, I would like to climb an apple tree.”

She added, “Turned out, in the way that god works in the most mysterious ways, that my best friend since I was 8 years-old [Rosetta Getty] turned out to be an incredible designer… she has an incredible asthetic, the dress is like wearing love, and I want to move through this [Oscar] experience in my true authentic self.”

While Arquette has already won awards at the Golden Globes, Baftas and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she admits that she is really anxious about the Oscars. She explained, “I have to say I was feeling a lot of anxiety, then I got some really great hugs from some men, I downloaded some anxiety with each man that hugged me.”

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