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Jon Stewart and Brian Williams: Why not just switch jobs?

Comedy Central star stepping down


Should Jon Stewart and Brian Williams just switch jobs?

Stranger things have happened.

Stewart has previously been considered for a straight news job (remember when he caught the interest of “Meet the Press” execs?) and Williams has reportedly expressed interest in a late-night gig before.

It seems like the stars are aligned here, huh?

On Tuesday night, within just a few hours, news broke that both Stewart and Williams were leaving their current jobs. 

After several days of controversy and calls for his resignation, Williams was suspended for six months from “NBC Nightly News” for his misrepresentation of events that he said happened during his reporting on the Iraq War.

Stewart, on the other hand, shocked fans with the announcement that he was going to be done at “The Daily Show” later this year. Strangely, there has been no mention of what he will do next.

So will these two slip in to each other’s shoes? Only time will tell…

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