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‘Sons of Guns’ star Will Hayden ordered to pay ex partners for secret business dealings

Star Will Hayden arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping minor


Trouble just keeps mounting for former “Sons of Guns” star Will Hayden.

The former Discovery Channel star and ex-Red Jacket Firearms owner, who last week pled not guilty to multiple rape charges in Louisiana, has been ordered by a Baton Rouge state judge to pay more than $130,000 in penalties and damages to his former business partners for secret business dealings using the company’s brand.

“I can’t think why he thought he would get away with all this,” Red Jacket Licensing CEO Joe Meaux, who filed the victorious breach of contract lawsuit along with the other partners against Hayden, told FOX411, “unless he’s a psychopathic megalomaniac.”

According to court documents obtained by FOX411, Hayden secretly entered into a trademark licensing contract with a San Antonio, Texas car dealership to sell 21 Special Edition Jeep Wrangler Rubicons, sporting the Red Jacket Firearm banner logo, water jet hard steel shield badges and stickers. The documents state that on or around Aug. 31, 2014 – not long after Hayden’s arrest – Red Jacket Licensing received, by mail, a check made payable to Hayden individually in the amount of $5,000.

“I recognized the mail as someone we had done dealings with before, as we’d authorized two Special Edition RJF Jeeps to be made – one for charity and the other for the show. I thought it was strange as I wasn’t aware of any further licensing agreements,” Meaux explained, adding that Hayden’s sister came into the store soon thereafter requesting an “important package” that was being mailed to Hayden.  

Another royalty check for Hayden allegedly arrived at the shop on Oct. 2, 2014 from the same dealership, this time for $3,000. Meaux said that the dealership acted in good faith, believing the pact had been inked with knowledge of all partners.

Meaux also said that in the process of compiling the civil lawsuit late last year, they discovered that Hayden “wrongfully used” Red Jacket Licensing’s charge account to acquire more than $25,000 in inventory for Red Jacket Muzzleloading, which was a company owned only by Hayden.

We’re told Stephanie Ford, his oldest daughter and co-star, too was unaware of her father’s apparent side dealings.  

Hayden’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and he does not appear to have filed an appeal.

The former reality star has been fast tumbling from grace in recent months, beginning in August when he was charged with raping two adolescent girls, coupled with accusations of sexual abuse Ford. Discovery Channel quickly pulled the plug on the popular gun manufacturing show and Red Jacket Firearms severed all ties.

A source connected to the show said that Hayden is said to be struggling in prison, gaining weight and depressed.

Meaux and the existing team are not in any way involved in the criminal charges against their former counterpart. But despite the piling troubles, Meaux is determined to keep the Red Jacket name and continue building the business as a leader in the firearms industry.

“So far it is not negatively affecting me to keep the name, so it makes no sense to change it,” Meaux added. “We’re up and running, using our knowledge to create even better products.”

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