Daughters of San Antonio woman killed before Christmas now facing eviction



Three teen-aged daughters of a San Antonio woman who was shot a few days before Christmas might not be able to keep living in the home they shared with her.

Michelle Hensel, 42, was shot in the head on Dec. 22 by her boyfriend John Arthur Regalado, 43, who immediately afterward shot and killed himself.

Hensel remained in critical condition through Christmas and died at San Antonio Military Medical Center on Sunday, Dec. 28.

“They are struggling,” said Delia Lejia Hensel of her granddaughters, ages 17 to 20, according to USA Today. “When she passed away, the first thing Alexandria said is, ‘Now we are going to be split apart.’”

Just days after Michelle Hensel’s passing, the family learned that she had not paid rent on their small, white clapboard house, and they are facing eviction.

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“We are bound and determined to keep our family together. And that’s what we are going to do,” said Michelle Hensel’s father Frtiz Hensel.

To help Michelle's daughters – and her first granddaughter, who was born on Christmas morning – Fernando Martínez, whose relationship to the family is unclear, created a memorial site on to cover funeral expenses and more. In two days, the fund has raised $10,600 for the family.

Fritz Hensel said he takes some solace in his daughter’s death in that at least one life will be saved by it.

“She donated her liver, two kidneys and her corneas,” he said. “One of her kidneys went to her daughter’s father-in-law, and it’s my understanding that it started working as soon as it was put in. It makes me feel like Michelle is going to live on – and within the family.”

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