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Supermodel Karlie Kloss Reveals Her Workout Routine


 (Associated Press)

Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? Get ready to break a serious sweat.

Newly blonde Karlie Kloss has been making headlines lately, not because of her Instagram-worthy friendship with singer Taylor Swift or rocking that coveted lob haircut every celeb seems to have these days (including Swift), but because of her super svelte shape. Yes, it’s expected for someone who struts the runway for work and prances in bikinis for major paychecks, but when it comes to looking her very best, this trained ballerina and vegetarian is really all about getting physical.

“I like to work out at least five days a week with a good balance of cardio and weight training,” the 21-year-old told the New York Times. “I actually take ballet with friends whenever we can coordinate schedules! Going with a friend makes it more fun.”

“I like to switch it up,” adds Kloss. “I think that’s the best way to really challenge your body and to become stronger in every way. That said, I think it’s so important that your workout routine is not dependent on someone else’s schedule. For me, exercise is an opportunity to get way from everything and focus on myself. It keeps me centered, and it’s the one or so hour in my day when I can clear my mind and just focus on moment.”

And no matter how sizzling or ice cold the weather gets, Kloss will find a way to make it work.

“I’ve learned that there are so many easy ways to incorporate movement into your everyday life,” the statuesque beauty says. “Instead of taking an escalator, I’ll take the stairs. I try to walk instead of taking the subway or a cab. It’s all about staying in motion.”

And what’s this supermodel’s favorite workout routine? Sure, she’s into yoga and Pilates (which star isn’t?). However, she prefers sticking to her roots.

“Ballet!” she says. “It’s how I grew up, exercising and moving. Though I’m a Pilates and Soul Cycle regular, dance and ballet will always be a huge part of my exercise routine and life.”

Kloss did forget one thing, though. It also helps to have some great genes!

While Kloss’ approach to exercise may be too intense for some, staying dedicated to working out five days a week and incorporating a well-balanced diet rich in veggies is certain to help shed those unwanted pounds.