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Cara Delevingne Has Nude Fun in Bali With Some Flashlights and a Street Sign



British supermodel Cara Delevingne could wear a paper bag and make it look fabulous, but what about a pair of flashlights and an Indonesian street sign? Would she still look good in something like that?

Why yes! According to her Instagram account, Cara Delevingne most certainly does look good in a pair of flashlights and an Indonesian street sign:

Sometime during the weekend of the 21st, the 21-year-old model took a break from her photoshoot in Bali to mess around in the buff, save for a few well-placed items she spotted nearby.

Although, in the interest of full disclosure (dis-clothes-ure?), Delevingne was probably wearing underwear under that street sign, at least for part of her hijinks:

But those aren't the only photos Delevingne has been sharing from her weekend in Bali. She's also been Instagramming shots of relaxing afternoons by the water …

 …and a few behind-the-scenes pics from her photoshoot with fashion photographer Sebastian Faena, whom she tagged in the photos below:

Never change, Cara Delevingne. (Unless you're changing into something even skimpier than a sign and two flashlights; then by all means, change.)