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Ireland Baldwin's Bikini Bod and Keith Urban's Sing-Along



Here's the latest:

Supermodels Behati Prinsloo (below) and Chrissy Teigen arrived in plunging dresses at the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards, which celebrates outstanding achievements in the fragrance industry, and not, as we originally thought, the woman who smells the best.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman led a sing-along of "Amazing Grace" (below) at a children's hospital in Australia last Friday. A nice gesture, for sure, but we just have one question: Where were the children?

Ireland Baldwin posed in a bikini for the cover of the Summer Bombshell issue of Galore magazine (above), which looks to be some type of men's interest magazine as designed by Lisa Frank.

Kim Kardashian took her daughter North for a stroll through NYC with only a scant few strips of black fabric precariously clinging to her ample bosom. (She was showing a lot of cleavage, is what we're saying.)

Halle Berry arrived for the premiere of her new CBS series "Extant" in a snug, body-hugging dress, which probably made everyone in attendance wish they were snugly hugging her body too.

Judging by these photos of Noah Cyrus in a skin-tight catsuit, Miley Cyrus has roped her 14-year-old sister into the unnerving world of her Bangerz tour/fever dream.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have been sharing photos of themselves in the studio, where we can only hope they're collaborating on a new song and not masterminding some kind of illegitimate enterprise with their criminal minds.

Comedian Tracy Morgan has been upgraded from "critical" to "fair" condition following his unfortunate turnpike accident on June 7. Let's hope he gets upgraded back to "hilarious" really soon.

This past Sunday, "All The Way" actor Bryan Cranston and his Broadway co-stars treated themselves to a burlesque show in New York City, probably because watching women undress during a burlesque show is innocent and fun, whereas watching women undress at a strip club would've gotten him slapped in the head by his wife.

Mariah Carey was caught trying to pass off a 17-year-old photo of herself as a current Twitpic, but the Internet grew suspiscious after noticing that Mariah Carey was trying to pass off a 17-year-old photo of herself as a current Twitpic.

Kanye West gave away his microphone to a wheelchair-bound fan after a recent concert in Austin. It was truly a generous gesture, and a much better plan than merely screaming into the microphone and then spiking it on the ground, which was probably Kanye's original plan:

Kanye has also reportedly angered Kris Jenner by refusing to sell his and Kim's wedding photos for upwards of $10 million. But perhaps he can calm Jenner with another well-gifted microphone, too.

A fake Facebook page tricked nearly a million people into believeing that Ryan Gosling adopted a 9-month-old baby boy. "Ha ha! Made you think Ryan Gosling was a fantastic human being who cares for the welfare of endangered children!" is probably what those Facebook pranksters are saying to themselves right now. (How droll!)

Taylor Swift and her brother Austin treated their dad Scott to a Father's Day dinner in New York City this past Sunday, but let's be honest: If they went anywhere other than the Olive Garden, Taylor picked up the check.

And finally, the cast of "Blossom" crawled out from under their respective rocks to reunite for an upcoming cable channel marathon. So make sure you set your DVRs to not record that by accident!