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Carrie Underwood Names the Sexiest Man in Country Music and Willie Degel Cooks His Signature NY Strip Steak

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse's Willie Degel shares tips for cooking the perfect steak at home.


Here's everything that's happening out there:

Perhaps hoping to put divorce rumors to rest, Tim McGraw on Thursday very publicly demonstrated just how much he loves his wife. And from the looks of it, it's a lot.

You may be familiar with Willie Degel from Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout," but did you know he's also the founder and CEO of Uncle Jack's Steakhouses? Let him teach you how to cook up his signature NY strip steak in the video above.

Male artists have long dominated country charts. But Miranda Lambert thinks it's time for female stars to get their due. And she's got a plan for that.

When Us Weekly asked Carrie Underwood who the sexiest man in country music is, the former "American Idol" winner thought for a moment before presumably remembering that she's contractually obligated to name "American Idol" host Keith Urban.

Kirsten Dunst went topless (sort of) for the cover of a French magazine called Madame Figaro, probably to remind the world that, hey, we kind of remember liking her! She was pretty good in that one movie we saw several years ago!

Le Madame Figaro pocket de juin 2014 avec @kirstendunst est désormais en kiosque ! http://t.co/AGOMg6bcit pic.twitter.com/GkHOyK9vdb

— Madame Figaro (@Madamefigaro) May 30, 2014

According to HBO, "Game of Thrones" has overtaken "The Sopranos" as the most-watched show in the channel's history. It's also likely to take the title of "Most Watched HBO Show Whilst Sporting a Nerf Sword."

Casey Kasem's health has reportedly taken an unfortunate turn for the worse, as the 82-year-old radio legend is now said to be in critical condition at a Washington hospital. For the sake of his family and fans, let's hope this isn't a cruel countdown to his passing.

Cressida Bonas, who you might remember as Prince Harry's ex, is reportedly going to appear in a new film alongside Cara Delevingne, who you may remember as that English model takes Alternatively, you might remember both of these women as not actresses.

The new promo for the upcoming season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" sees Kim and her mother Kris attending a pole dancing class. Make all the judgments you want, but when was the last time you spent some quality time with mom?

On Wednesday in London, Kevin Spacey momentarily stopped his one-man show to scold an audience member for not silencing a cell phone. His comments were met with a big round of applause, at least part of which came from excited "House of Cards" fans who were just delighted when he broke the fourth wall.

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart have broken up. According to sources, they actually split months ago, but for some reason, decided to keep the whole thing silent until after Smart was caught texting transsexual model Sofia Vissa.

A bunch of John Lennon's manuscripts and drawings recently sold at auction for $2.9 million dollars. Meanwhile, the hasty doodles and jokes that we've pinned to the conference room's corkboard have somehow still failed to find an appreciative audience.

Actor Bradley Cooper was recently photographed on the set of his new movie "American Sniper" wearing the shortest, tightest shorts seen on a man since Richard Simmons first Jazzercised his way into our hearts.

And finally, June 6th marks America's so it's practically your civic duty to enjoy all the jelly-filled or honey-glazed doughnuts you want. But no crullers or eclairs! This isn't some excuse for a French pastry free-for-all, dammit.