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Paris Hilton Goes Topless, 'Bearly' Wears Clothes on Instagram


 (Instagram/Paris Hilton)

Teddy bears have brought joy to the masses since the beginning of the 20th Century. They've served as bedtime companions for children, Valentine's gifts for loved ones, and, most recently, makeshift bras for Paris Hilton.

On Tuesday morning, the 33-year old socialite shared a topless Instagram photo in which she's seen clutching a stuffed bear to her chest (pictured above, if that wasn't already obvious.) "Good Morning Everyone! Have a beautiful day! Love me and my Teddy," read the caption that accompanied the snapshot.

Just a few hours later, Hilton shared yet another Instagram pic, presumably from a previous photoshoot with German photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

"Looking forward to my annual #Cannes photoshoot with my friend @EllenVonUnwerth," Hilton wrote. "Love working with her, she is so much fun! And takes the sexiest pics!"

Finally, Hilton posted yet another glamorous picture hashtagged with #CannesBound and #JetSetter, yet again reminding us that she's heading off to France for the Cannes Film Festival:

Apropriately enough, Hilton was later photographed at a Los Angeles area airport wearing a dress with tiny planes all over it.

Bon voyage, Paris!