Mexican singer Juan Gabriel's health has been the source of speculation and worry for almost a month now. The last thing his millions of fans were told came in a statement by his publicist Thursday, saying he had been released yet again – third time in less than a month –  from a Las Vegas hospital.

The health of the 64-year-old crooner Juan Gabriel first gave signs of trouble when he was hospitalized on April 14 with symptoms of pneumonia after completing a three-hour concert in Las Vegas.

Four days later, just hours after his release, he had to be rushed back to Southern Hills hospital with a "heart condition," according to Televisa and other Mexican media. And last week, amid rumors that he had died, Juan Gabriel was hospitalized a third time reportedly with high blood pressure complications.

Upon his latest release last week, his publicist said “[Juan Gabriel's] family is grateful for concern and interest expressed by the thousands of Juan Gabriel’s fans and would like to inform that there is nothing to worry about."

Jesus Salas Campa, who heads the office of Juan Gabriel in Mexico City, said Wednesday the so-called "Divo de Juarez" was still recovering from pneumonia and high blood pressure problems and that his doctors and family members were debating his release for fear of recurrence.

"He is recovering. This was not enchiladas, this was serious and he is still in the hospital," Salas was quoted as saying in the Mexican newspaper El Diario. "Actually – he went on – doctors are afraid that if he leaves, he will not follow instructions [especially since] we know, we know his theory of naturopathic health," Salas said.

Juan Gabriel, whose real made is Alberto Aguilera, was forced to postpone several concerts in the United States and Latin America as part of his “Volver” tour. 

He is expected to continue the tour on Sept. 5 in Miami. 

“His recuperation has been slow but always favorable and positive. Alberto has been very disciplined and has followed the doctors’ indications and recommend exercise regimen,” his publicist said.

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