Rebecca Grant becomes social media star after chest grab during NBA playoff game

Rebecca Grant was captured on camera during an NBA playoff game.

Rebecca Grant was captured on camera during an NBA playoff game.

You could say Rebecca Grant grabbed her opportunity with both hands.

The self-proclaimed “sexy hostess” captured the attention of men across America with a seemingly deliberate adjustment of her breasts and stroke of her hair during a live broadcast at the weekend.

Grant, a formerly little-known TV host on Fox Sports and ESPN, was in the stands during an NBA playoff game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors when the camera focused on her.

Cue a seductive touch of her boobs that sent Twitter into meltdown.

Wearing a low-cut top, Grant was standing a few rows behind TNT basketball commentators Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan who were analyzing the game at the time, but you have to question how many viewers were listening to a word they were saying.

While it appears as though Grant was looking away during the adjustment and that it was all just an innocent accident, the FHM and Maxim swimsuit model lapped up the attention she was receiving on Twitter, re-tweeting loads of posts from her fast-growing fanbase and thanking media outlets for running the story.

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