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Taylor Swift Loves Surprises and Kate Upton Has a Bizarre 'Wish'



Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

After showing up unexpectedly at a children's hospital earlier this month, Taylor Swift surprised one of her fans by showing up unexpectedly at her bridal shower. She's like the Publisher's Clearing House, except with less balloons and cash.

The MTV Movie Awards aired on Sunday night. Here's a list of the winners, but you know you don't care about that. You want to read about the shenanigans.

Actress and director Lake Bell basically got naked for Esquire magazine, which seems to be the "in" thing to do nowadays.

Apparently forgetting two of the biggest reasons as to why she's famous, Kate Upton told UK's The Sun that she wishes she "had smaller boobs every day of [her] life," and that she doesn't always like how they're a topic of conversation.

Leonardo DiCaprio is taking a lot of flak for (gasp!) dancing in public at Coachella, but let's lay off the guy. Sure, some of his moves were lackluster at best, but we gotta give him credit for attempting that sweet punch-swing he busts out near the end:

While we're on the subject of Coachella, Kendall Jenner decided to wear a nose ring so big that it must have interfered with her breathing, eating, and general balance.

Two female fans at a Miley Cyrus concert in Detroit began fighting during the show, so naturally, Miley momentarily stopped what she was doing to record the altercation on her smartphone.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has taken a wife. Her name is Lauren Kitt, and she's reportedly a fitness expert who isn't above taking butt-centric gym selfies for Instagram.

Lady Gaga revealed that she routinely tapes her face in place every morning with something called facelift tape, and because she's Lady Gaga, this probably surprised absolutely no one.

Cameron Diaz was interviewed for InStyle magazine, where she again made it clear that she's against laser hair removal. "Dye it blue if you want to," said Diaz. "I'm just doing, like, a call to my ladies out there, saying keep your options open."

A dairy company in Illinois has introduced jellybean-flavored milk, which is hopefully not made from all those leftover white jellybeans and black jellybeans that nobody ever seems to eat.

Jessica Simpson flaunted her slim figure in a little yellow dress at the John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood, because hey, she's gotta do it somewhere.

Gisele Bundchen, named by Forbes as the world's higest paid supermodel, claims that she was audited by the IRS because Forbes named her as the world's highest paid supermodel. Way to go, Forbes.

Snooki and JWoww of MTV's "Snooki & JWoww" walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards together, showcasing their baby bumps and thick coatings of makeup. 

Merchandise from Disney's animated film "Frozen" is selling like hotcakes, if hotcakes were so popular among little children that they could only be found on eBay for hundreds of times their retail price.

Perhaps realizing that Solange Knowles has way more indie cred than she, Beyonce showed up during her little sister's set at Coachella to perform a choreographed dance routine. (Solange's language near the end is NSFW):

And finally, KFC is now offering a corsage made with a chicken drumstick, because anybody who eats white meat chicken doesn't deserve to go to the prom.