Bikini paparazzo: Anne Hathaway spews ‘hatred and negativity’ at paps, calls them losers


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  • February 24, 2014: Photographer Logan Fazio greets Simon Cowell on the beach by offering him the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Magazine so he would have something to read on the beach. Logan had introduced herself to Simon the day before and when he saw her for the second time, he came over to say hello.
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    February 24, 2014: Photographer Logan Fazio greets Simon Cowell on the beach by offering him the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Magazine so he would have something to read on the beach. Logan had introduced herself to Simon the day before and when he saw her for the second time, he came over to say hello. Mandatory Credit: Ref: infusmi-11/13  ( )


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You’ve probably never heard of Logan Fazio. She’s not an actress or model. In fact, she gets paid to photograph the stars as a Miami-based paparazzo. Recently, the cameras captured the photogenic Fazio in her bikini “office” apparel, sparking a firestorm of media attention. She spoke with FOX411 via email about the sudden spotlight shift, which celebs have the worst reputations and the downside to being part of the paparazzi.   

FOX411: Which celeb has the worst rep and why?
Logan Fazio: Oh, gosh, first question and you want me to talk trash and name names. Well, the obvious guy with the worst rep is Bieber, of course. And for the most part, a lot of his bad behavior involving bodyguards and paparazzi is true. The paparazzi may be annoying but bodyguards stealing and destroying equipment, or threatening or assaulting people is really dangerous and just wrong. That being said, Justin was nice to me and even posed for a picture with me, knowing full well that I was a pap! Another real tough cookie is Anne Hathaway. She just spews hatred and negativity the minute she spies any paparazzi. She's one of those that will go out of her way to tell you what a loser you are, instead of just letting you take nice pictures. Even though a nice picture of her can be worth the work, I tend to stay away from her when she's in Miami. She just depresses me. I guess she wins, in that case.

FOX411: Who's the nicest to paps?
Fazio: Many celebs are nice to the paps, or at least tolerate us, as they knew before they became famous that paparazzi are just part of the fame game. The majority of celebs who spot paparazzi will just carry on with whatever they are doing and hope the pictures come out nice. Paparazzi is nothing new or surprising. It's been around for a long time and is never going away. So most celebs get it. One of the nicest I've met recently was Simon Cowell. Not only did he just carry on regularly with whatever he was doing so that everyone would get nice pictures, but he would go out of his way to say hello to everyone, and even sometimes engage in casual conversation. He seems like a genuinely happy person who does not take his good fortune for granted, and who also has a genuine respect for the people around him, even if those people happen to be paparazzi. He pretty much blew me away with his tolerance and his kindness.

FOX411: Do celebs ever pay to get their picture taken?
Fazio: I don't know any celebs that pay for candids to be taken, but many celebs absolutely have relationships with certain paparazzi or even have personal paparazzi. Just like celebs know ways to avoid us, they know ways to summon us too. Famous people use Twitter a lot and sometimes they do it specifically because they know the paps will come if they give us enough details. Also, many times celebs will have their PR people reach out to certain photogs via email or even Twitter or Instagram to set up photoshoots. I've even given my phone number to celebs a few times and had them call me directly when they wanted to be photographed. The relationship between celebrities and paparazzi is always symbiotic and often mutualistic as well.

FOX411: What's the most you've ever made from a photo, and what was it?
Fazio:  It's difficult to answer, and also, quite personal! But in these days of ever-changing technology, tiny cameras, bold fans, and Twitter addicted celebs, it's become harder and harder to make big money in the industry. The days of making big bucks on a single frame died with the 35mm film industry, I think… So these days we just shoot what we can, when we can, and we try to shoot something almost every day, just like a regular job. Then we send the photos to an agency who sells them around the world to blogs, television shows, newspapers, and magazines. We always want to get a big story or an exclusive image to make more money, but these days it comes from not a single frame, but a collection of images that tells a story and hopefully sells over and over to many different outlets. Then the dollars start to add up. But since you want all the juicy details, I'll tell you one story of what makes a picture worth good money. Back when JLo and Marc Anthony announced that they were getting divorced, paparazzi turned their sights on the couple as this was "news.” My partner that I was working on the story with and I were lucky enough to get a few pictures that really told a story. Well, we weren't just lucky, we worked really, really hard. But in this job, timing and luck are always a factor as well. So basically the photo we ended up getting was JLo on a yacht. But the circumstances surrounding it were what made it worth good money. It was the first picture since the divorce announcement. It was her birthday. She was wearing a bikini and dancing on a yacht. And it was exclusive, meaning we were the only ones to get it. So those four factors together made it a great story and a great photo worth a lot of money. It ran full-page in every major tabloid magazine and all the entertainment shows used it as well. My agency was able to charge exclusive rates since no one else photographed it and I was able to celebrate by taking a trip to Austin, Texas to visit family, and while I was traveling on the plane, I saw people reading magazines with my photos in them.

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FOX411: Are you the hottest pap ever?
Fazio: Yes.

FOX411: Do celebs ever ask you out?  
Fazio: Not yet. But I did have drinks with a very cute soccer star named Wayne Bridge, and the other paps photographed us together. Frankly, it was a hot day on the beach and they had a cool cabana with lots of snacks and drinks. When they motioned me over I couldn't resist the chance for a champagne break on the beach with fun footballers!

FOX411: Would you ever date a star? Conflict of interest?
Fazio: I don't see why not. I don't think it's really a conflict of interest. Having your own personal pap along can be a very good thing, as long as you can trust them! I'm sure there are a few celebs that have dated paps, one that comes to mind is Britney Spears who dated Adnan Ghalib, and I only know that person's name because, well, he dated Britney Spears.

FOX411: What's the worst thing about being a pap?
Fazio: The worst thing…besides the insane hours, the unpredictability, the stress, and the fierce competition? I'd have to say the worst thing is the negativity. For some reason, many people have decided that it is cool to hate paparazzi or that all paparazzi are bad people and that it is ok to attack them verbally, sometimes physically, and to try to ruin their day, often times by jumping into the shot! People say things like "Leave them alone!" or "Get a life!” Regular people will get up out of their chairs to come and put their hands in front of our cameras or to say really mean things to us. Then they generally go back to their chairs, do a tweet about how they saw a celeb and saw paparazzi, and then pick up their tabloid magazine containing our photos! It's so hypocritical! Whenever I get into it with people like that, they say, "Oh, I don't watch those shows" or "I don't read those magazines", when in reality, most people do look at TMZ on their phone, watch Entertainment Tonight on TV, or read tabloid magazines on the beach. I just wish people would live and let live, and not be so negative towards us all the time. Paparazzi are people too and basically all we are doing is reporting on the fashion and lifestyles of the famous. It's not like our photojournalistic efforts are influencing people's votes, affecting politics, or starting wars. It's just not that serious.

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