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Robin Thicke's colleague says split from Paula Patton came 'out of the blue'

The couple seemed pretty happy, until Thicke got really famous


Robin Thicke and Paul Patton announced their separation last week with an official statement. Despite their long-by-Hollywood-standards marriage, given the events of the past few months, was anyone really shocked that they split?

DJ Joe Bermudez told FOX411 he played a recent show with Robin "and they looked really happy. I would never have guessed that this was coming.”

“A lot of people blame the Blurred Lines video for their split but I don’t see it. I feel like this is out of the blue. They looked very much in love to me,” Bermudez said.

But SiriusXM Radio personality Cristina Palumbo said the dissolution of Thicke/Patton union of nearly a decade comes as no surprise to her.

“I think that it was the last straw when the photo came out of him taking a picture with a fan," she said, referring to a photo where Thicke was caught grabbing a fan's behind. “Twerking with Miley and the video with ‘Blurred Lines,’ even though that Paula Patton said she wasn’t that upset about, I think there’s always something in the back of a woman’s mind.”

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Thicke told TMZ he is trying to get Patton back.

"I feel like guys take it harder, too, when there’s a split,” said Bermudez.

So far, in this case, it looks like Bermudez is right.