Break Time

Break Time: Is Kim Kardashian the next Marilyn Monroe

Is Kim Kardashian the next Marilyn Monroe? That may be a stretch.


Welcome to Break Time! We’ve got the things found on the Internet that will not give you a tax break but at the very least will give you a much needed break from work. Shhh don't tell your boss!

Why Kim Kardashian is NOT the new Marilyn Monroe. 

Kate Upton and Olympic star have a flirty exchange on Twitter.

The most uncomfortable public proposal to date.

"Big Bang Theory" star defends breast feeding her son in public. 

Steve Martin made it clear on Twitter that he is not another more controversial Steve Martin.

American foods you probably have never heard of.

Emmy Rossum and Olivia Munn are timeless beauties.

Nursing home residents re-create famous movie scenes. The word adorable doesn’t cut it.

Pippa admits her bridesmaid dress fit too well.

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