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Justin Bieber Might Go to Rehab for What??



Because he can't go more than a few days at a time without doing something highly questionable, Justin Bieber is now reportedly abusing codeine.

More specifically, it's been reported that Bieber is drinking an exorbitant amount of codeine-laced cough syrup, which he frequently downs in a concoction he and his crew like to call "lean" (though it's been immortalized in song as "sizzurp," too).

But the "All That Matters" singer won't drink just any prescription cough syrup. According to TMZ, Beiber is a fan of Activis Prometh — which can sell for up to $800 a pint at street value — drinking between 8 and 12 ounces per day. (Sources have told TMZ that Bieber gets his supply from outside the country, where a prescription isn't necessary).

Now, Bieber's "handlers" are beginning to worry about his habit, and they've reportedly encouraged the 19-year-old to seek treatment at a rehab facility before his behavior gets too crazy.

In addition to "lean," Bieber reportedly indulges in prescription pills, alcohol and marijuana.