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Charlie Sheen Is Being a Jerk. Again.



For a guy who was unceremoniously fired (and subsequently killed off) from "Two and a Half Men," you wouldn't think Charlie Sheen would take such a vested interest in the continued success of the sitcom. Then again, it was probably wrong of us to speculate about the mind of Charlie Sheen in the first place.

Sheen recently took to his ever-entertaining Twitter account to voice his displeasure with Ashton Kutcher, his replacement on CBS's "Two and a Half Men." In a tweet directed at his former "TAAHM" co-star Jon Cryer, Sheen began by calling Kutcher "lame" and mistakenly identifying him as a Canon camera salesman (Kutcher appears in ads for Nikon).

hey Jon!!! u r a GENIUS!!! I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who's your lame side-kik? c #NiceTryCanonBoy #CH http://t.co/xGBjAjcKWr

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) January 5, 2014

But that's not all. Sheen posted a follow-up tweet that simultaneously tried to downplay the first while adding more fuel to the fire:

hey relax everyone! read the hash tag! oh and Jon I'm so sorry I insulted your sidekik I meant REALLY lame c #HyLmN http://t.co/C4zVP7nSy9

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) January 6, 2014

Then finally (for now, at least), the actor apologized to Kutcher directly, explaining that he meant no harm by his previous comments. And also that he thinks Kutcher stinks on "Two and a Half Men."

hey Ashton sorry bro all good. now quit barfing on my old brilliant show. Remember Punk'd? how duz it feel? c harp http://t.co/vSVQ3BBk7D

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) January 6, 2014

It sure seems like Sheen misses his old sitcom. But then again, that's just us speculating about Charlie Sheen's mind, which (as we mentioned before) is an exercise in futility.

What do you think? Is Sheen going too far?